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Dedicated to Florence (1894 - 1968), my paternal grandmother. Like Fiano, she was vivacious, bold and elegant.

Often considered Italy's finest white variety, Fiano dates back to antiquity and was a wine revered by the Romans.


​Grown in Hawkes Bay my Fiano has focused aromas of red apple, citrus blossom, and hazelnut coupled with a crushed slate minerality. The boldly textured palate is layered with complex flavours of pip fruit intertwined with honeysuckle, citrus, and a distinctive savoury hazelnut. Refreshing, with a lingering presence on the palate. Florence Fiano is bold and elegant. You can enjoy it while young or with bottle age.


The first Fiano vines were planted in New Zealand by Bryce Campbell in 2010 with a second planting in 2022. The soils are old volcanic soils laid down by the Taupo eruptions layered with gravels and loam from the old Ngaruroro riverbed.

I grow the grapes following organic and sustainable practices. I aim to create biodiversity in the vineyard encouraging wildflower growth, planting native and exotic trees. The water holding capacity of the pumice, which abounds in the soil, allows me to dry farm the vineyard.

Fiano is a late ripening variety and I hand pick in April . 90% of the grapes are whole bunch pressed with 10% having 24 hours skin maceration before pressing. Fermentation is slow and steady. The new wine is left on lees for several months post ferment with regular stirring to enhance the natural textural qualities of the grape variety.

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Dedicated to my Grandmother Doris (1899 - 1991). A woman ahead of her time - bold, forthright and determined, with a sense of style and elegance. A leader not a follower.


A tribute to Doris – this red wine breaks traditional concepts combining organically grown Merlot with whole bunch Malbec and Cabernet Franc from Hawkes Bay’s stony soils.


Bold, stylish and elegant, with aromas and flavours of wild berries, violet, savoury dried rose and herb. Lifted, refreshing and lingering on the palate. Doris would be pleased!



Following in the footsteps of my grandmother Doris, to whom this wine is dedicated, I wanted to be a leader not a follower. I challenged myself to make a unique wine exploring a lighter more fragrant side to the merlot grape variety. The grapes are organically grown on a vineyard in Hawkes Bay with stony, free draining gravel soils.


The merlot starts fermenting with indigenous yeast and once there is a CO2 cover, I add whole bunch malbec and cabernet franc. The whole bunch fruit brings fragrance to the aromas and flavour and succulence to the tannin structure.


Doris is matured in French oak barrels until there is a harmony between the flavours, texture and tannin. I bottle the wine unfiltered. Doris will mature with elegance in bottle


Dedicated to Patsy, my favourite aunt; joyous, and vibrant with a sense of mischief and a determination to make the most out of life. This Rosé is a tribute to her.

Stepping away from the traditional handling of Cabernet Franc, I have made a Rosé by whole bunch pressing, handpicked Cabernet Franc grown on the Lesley's vineyard in Hawkes Bay’s Red Triangle.

​The pale juice was fermented to give a vibrant, dry, texturally rich Rosé with lingering flavours and aromas of red plums, greengage and dried herbs de Provence.

​Celebrate with Patsy, and enjoy the moment.


The Cabernet Franc is grown following sustainable practices on the Lesley’s vineyard in the Red Triangle growing district of Hawkes Bay. I hand pick and whole bunch press the grapes to minimise the colour pick up, then ferment the pale juice until dry. I leave the new wine on lees for several weeks to gain weight and texture before racking and bottling in late winter.

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Francie 071.jpg


This Hawkes Bay Cabernet Franc is my tribute to Francie, my mother. Like her, the wine has easy charm and steely determination.

​Made from mature vines, grown in deep free draining gravels, Francie typifies the allure of Cabernet Franc and beguiles the senses with velvety texture, bold intriguing flavours, and fine lingering structure.

​Fragrant red rose and spicy raspberries wrapped in tobacco scented velvet and gently laced with a ribbon of satin.

​Be charmed by Francie in her youth and continue to enjoy the complexity enhanced by bottle maturity.


The Cabernet Franc vines were planted in 1999.  Grown organically in free draining gravel soils, they are resilient, gnarly and the grapes oose their own wild character. The vineyard overlays the fragrant red fruits of Cabernet Franc with a smoky crushed manuka leaf.

My winemaking is traditional, attentive, and very “hands on”. Fermentation is with indigenous yeast, the skins are pressed using a basket press and Francie is matured in French oak barrels. The wine is carefully racked and bottled unfiltered.


Francie is a Cabernet Franc that loudly announces its varietal character and sense of place.


Dedicated to my Uncle Mac (Robert McGregor Nell), adventurous, generous of spirit, gregarious, practical and always in a hurry. His character is a perfect match for an early drinking chilled out red.

I have fermented Merlot grapes grown on the Lesley’s Vineyard in the Hawkes Bay Red Triangle growing district, using traditional and carbonic maceration to ensure a fruit filled, softly textured supple red wine.

Packed with flavours of sweet summer plums and juicy berry fruit, this is a red wine with sass and panache and perfect to drink slightly chilled on a hot summers day. This is the wine I want to drink after a hot day working in the vineyard.


The Merlot is grown following sustainable practices on the Lesley’s vineyard in the Red Triangle growing district in Hawkes Bay. Picking when the grapes have ripe and fresh flavours is crucial in making Mac. I am looking for vibrancy and texture in the wine not tannic structure.

I ferment a portion using carbonic maceration to preserve the vibrant fresh fruit flavours and lively texture, with the rest fermented traditionally. Pressed in a basket press the wine remains in stainless steel and is racked to help clarification before bottling late winter.



Every family has its stalwart, the grape family has Cabernet Sauvignon and my family has Uncle Alick.

Dependable, distinguished, and debonair. A tower of strength. Alick could only be a Cabernet Sauvignon worthy of ageing.

The Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are grown organically on dry stony soils of Hawkes Bay, the vines are gnarly and cling to life with a determination to flourish.

Complex and exciting, dark berries, dried herbs and wet gravel flavours and aromas. Bold and elegant on the palate. This is a cabernet sauvignon that will mature with elegance.


Planted in 1999 the Cabernet sauvignon is grown organically in free draining, deep gravel soils.

I follow traditional, gentle, and low intervention, attentive winemaking. Fermentation with indigenous yeast, gently working of the fermenting wine, post ferment maceration, basket pressing and ageing in French oak barrels until the tannins are elegant and the flavours refined. Alick is bottled unfiltered.

Alick will reward careful cellar ageing.

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