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Wine by
Jenny Dobson

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Jenny Dobson

A fascination with aromas and an inquiring mind took me to France in 1979 to absorb the traditions and lore of wine growing. My journey in wine began with working at   Domaine Dujac in Burgundy. Through the tutelage of legend, Jacques Seyesses, the roots of my wine-making philosophy were seeded, and then developed, working alongside and meeting other formidable wine masters in France. I count myself fortunate to have worked with Steven Spurrier in Paris and Denis Dubourdieu in Bordeaux, absorbing their vast knowledge and experience.

Since returning to New Zealand in 1996 my pursuit of knowledge and the refinement of my wine growing continues to evolve with the experiences of every vintage. A greater understanding of vineyards and appreciation of working with nature is an ongoing joy allowing me to bring the finest vineyard expression to you in each bottle of wine by Jenny Dobson. I value diversity and love the excitement each glass of wine offers.

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About Jenny
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My Winemaking Ethos 

Texture, balance, layers of flavour, flow through the palate and lingering intensity are my goals in winemaking. Diversity and food friendliness give me pleasure as a wine drinker, and I love wines with levity on the palate.


After 40 years of helping others make wine, I was ready to start producing wine under my own label. Authentic wines, nurtured by me, with a sense of place, surprise and adventure.

Wines to stimulate the senses and the intellect, but most importantly, wines to be enjoyed.


My wines are dedicated to members of my family, their character has been the inspiration for each of the tribute wines.

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